Disorient: Fiona Tan

Arriving in Scotland several years after its initial creation, GoMA is the temporary home of Disorient, Fiona Tan’s captivating portrayal of the various perceptions of the East. The two-screen film installation asks the viewer to question their own understanding of ‘The Orient’, combining footage of traditional tourist souvenirs and modern-day images of the East with extracts from Marco Polo’s travels. One screen symbolising West, the other East, any pre-conceived ideas are challenged as the viewer becomes aware of the multi-faceted nature of culture and the often misjudged East-West dichotomy.

” I am interested in the juxtaposition of word and image, in conflicting and contradictory relationships between the two and between fact and fiction, in the displacement of text and image. […] I have always tried to imagine what the world would look like without this dominating paradigm of East and West (which all too often implies East versus West), without the traditional dichotomies of dialectical thought.” – Fiona Tan

Image via artpulsemagazine.com

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