Beatriz Milhazes

As it gets colder and darker outside, I’ve found myself in need of a little sunshine and colour.  The artwork of Beatriz Milhazes offers me just that, if not more, as bold, vibrant and carnivalesque patterns burst with energy.

Taking inspiration from her everyday surroundings, the Brazilian artist combines nature motifs with traditional patterns and modern day packaging. The swirling, intoxicating collage of colours draws the viewer’s eye back and forth across the canvas as each individual element is deciphered.

Far from being of confused mixture of shapes, Milhazes bases her paintings on geometric composition.  This technique involves creating a ‘leading line’ to draw the eye   across the painting; a ‘spatial divider’ to discreetly divide the image into sections; and a ‘framing element’ to focus the attention on a motif of differing shape, colour or texture.  The effect is truly captivating.

I wanted to put them together based on geometric composition. Because at the end of the day, I was only interested in structure and order.” – Beatriz Milhazes.


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