Isaac Cordal

I love Isaac Cordal’s cement figures.  Placed in ‘real’ situations on city streets, such as looking at a painting, swimming or simply sitting around passing time, the concrete men are left to fend for themselves.

These miniature sculptures are hidden gems amongst the chaotic buzz of city life.  Although the figures often appear depressed and desensitised to the external world, they certainly brighten up the day of those lucky enough to find them.

The great part of street art is its ability to reach a wider audience and awaken the senses of passers-by.  Upon seeing these men, we are encouraged to not only empathise with their daily plights but to engage more with the surroundings in which we ourselves live.

Of course, it is only possible to see these figures if we observe the world around us.  Sometimes it is all to easy too get trapped in routines and focus on other commitments.  These sculptures, however, make us stop, think and re-evaluate our day-to-day actions.



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