Shirin Neshat

“I know in Iran women are quite powerful, unlike their clichéd image. What I try to convey through my work is that power, which is quite candid.”

The Iranian-born visual artist, Shirin Neshat, uses photography and film installations to explore contemporary issues facing Iran and the position of women in Iranian society.

Although Neshat obtained a Masters in Fine Arts, photography became her preferred artistic medium due to its ability to convey realism, immediacy and a sense of drama. The majority of her images are shot in black and white to give a sense of clarity within an often complex, political framework.

Neshat’s appreciation of the Middle Eastern and Indian tradition of tattooing is depicted in many of her photographs, enabling a philosophical and beautifully poetic element to develop within her work.

“I feel the use of poetry is particularly apt because literature has historically played a major part in the struggle against political repression.”

Image: Untitled, Shirin Neshat, 1996


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