Yuken Teruya

Yuken Teruya’s series Notice-Forest (2005) gives new meaning to the paper bag, more often than not carelessly discarded in the modern world.

In creating delicate and intricate paper cut trees from used bags, Teruya stresses the rising consumerism and growing depletion of natural resources. At once, the trees represent the fragile state of the natural world and the “family trees” of global corporations.

“When art is made from everyday objects the viewer brings the experience into their own private sphere and upon using the same material, they will view it from a renewed perspective. Uncovering small metamorphosis in familiar objects is a psychological exercise, which enables you to turn routine into moments of significance, again making us more aware of the indefinite alterations in our surroundings.” – Yuken Teruya

Image: Golden Arch Parkway McDonald’s via Saatchi Gallery


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