Broken Time: Michal Rovner

Broken Time, 2009
Stone with video projection

Michal Rovner (b.1957) is an Israeli multi-media artist, specialising in video and cinematic installations.  

From a distance, Rovner’s animated pieces look like bold, abstract paintings. It’s only on closer inspection that the wonderful multi-layering of tiny human figures can be observed. These figures are always videos of real people, they are never animated.

The figures move ritualistically, some push and pull one another, and yet the viewer has no notion of where they came from, or where they are going. They are in constant flux, striving to reach an unidentifiable destination together.

We are very concerned all the time with figuring out new technologies and advances in science, but really our future is dependent on science and progress, it’s not less dependent on the way we treat each other.’ – Michal Rovner.  

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