Carsten Höller

It’s not every day you get to enter an exhibition through a dark tunnel or exit via a swirling slide, but that is just what’s on offer at Carsten Holler’s latest exhibition, Decision.

The exhibition immerses the audience in an experiential environment in which they are invited to interact with the displays and in some respects decide on their own experience within the gallery. It is a great critique on what contemporary art is and can be, yet I couldn’t help but think it was more of a gimmick to draw in the London crowds. Needless to say, it was still a fun way to spend the afternoon! Some highlights for me included Pill Clock which drops a capsule every 3 seconds to mark the passing of time and is intended to be consumed by the visitor, and the seemingly misplaced installation called Fara Fara which features the music scene in the Democratic Republic of Congo!


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