Ali Alışır

Now that my holiday to Istanbul, Sarajevo and Belgrade has come to end, everything that I managed to avoid thinking about during my trip is now weighing down heavily upon me!  To beat the post holiday blues from what has to be one of the best holidays I have ever had – great people, great art, fascinating history, beautiful scenery, interesting stories – I will dedicate the next few posts to artists and architecture I ‘discovered’ during my adventures.

Ali Alışır (b. 1979, Istanbul) focuses on the concept of ‘virtuality’.  By digitally manipulating images which convey religious, socio-political or philosophical meanings, he critiques the contemporary obsession of making everything digital and the subsequent loss of a clear and explicit reality.

“Even though we are standing only at the threshold of a new enlightenment with respect to technology, today the technological developments are radically changing our thinking patterns […] The art of photography resembled the virtual reality. It seems as if its realness was absorbed and swallowed inside these virtual networks.” 


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