Ivana Ivković

The main pedestrianised street in Belgrade, Knez Mihailova Street (Prince Michael Street), is full of public and private galleries open late in the evening and exhibiting a wide range of art work.  It was on one of my late(ish) night walks that I came across the work of Ivana Ivković, a contemporary Serbian artist who lives and works in Belgrade.

Ivkovic’s work includes ink and paper drawings, hand written slogans and large scale installations which often contain thought provoking messages.  Such works include Presente 6 that refers to the 1983 Lucanamarca massacre in Peru in which 69 people were killed and Untitled (ghost within us) which encourages the viewer to take one of the prunes assembled in a large pile, in turn mimicking the loss of personal and collective history.

“I am not inclined to think about my work as activism. Why? This is about empathy, about personal experiencing [sic], but my intention has never been to launch a message or to draw a conclusion.” – Ivana Ivković, 2011.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 13.29.39


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