The House in Your Head: Randi and Katrine

Still from The House in Your Head exhibition at Kunstforeningen, 2008.

Copenhagen-based artist duo, Randi and Katrine, combine their shared interest in architecture, commonplace objects and narration to create insightful installations. Their series The House in Your Head studied the dual role of the home as a living space and an image.

As well as being a framework of life, the house encapsulates life itself, storing dreams, memories, joy and sorrow. Gaston Bachelard examined this concept in The Poetics of Space, stating that ‘home’ is a manifestation of the soul and location in which personal experience is at its greatest. This theory underpins Randi and Katrine’s series. The house is a living object that continually evokes new and old sensations depending on how we use its space.

It is interesting that we can can often decipher faces on buildings (typing ‘faces on buildings’ into a search engine provides a nice indication of the variety out there). Perhaps this happens because we subconsciously, or even consciously, project our personal knowledge of the home as a capsule of emotion and experience onto the facade.

The home is not simply a place of shelter, it is a personal space which has a life of its own. The House in Your Head captures this concept perfectly.

We are very interested in architecture, not as a function, but as a mental space […] a space with room for dreams and projections but also simultaneously an image of those dreams and projections.” – Randi and Katrine

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