Le Voyage Fantastique: Maia Flore

Le Voyage Fantastique, 2017

Maia Flore is a French artist and photographer who captures beautiful scenes that fluctuate between fiction and reality.

Flore began her artistic practice as a teenager, exploring various artistic mediums as a means of self-expression, but her passion for photography began when she studied graphic design and photography at university.

Since then, Flore has combined her passion for photography with her admiration for the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud to create surrealist images where the imagination is left free to roam.

Le Voyage Fantastique was a commissioned project by the French Institute and the Minister of Tourism in which Flore visited 25 monuments in France in an attempt to showcase the country in a very contemporary way. This playful re-imagining of some of France’s well-known locations is quietly captivating.

Photography feels very real. With my drawings, I could draw whatever I wanted, but it was very different with photography.’ – Maia Flore

Image via maiaflore.com

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