Spoken Yeahs From A Distance: Victoria Morton

Spoken Yeahs From A Distance, 2016

Victoria Morton (b. 1971) is a Scottish artist who paints colorful works of art that vacillate between the figurative and abstract.

Morton describes her paintings as a ‘narrative of sensations’ in which she seeks to bring figurative elements of the world around her to the forefront of the canvas. By narrating the daily subtleties of life, Morton encourages the viewer to be more aware of their surroundings, thereby enabling the work to have a story of its own beyond the confinements of the gallery space. 

Morton’s work as an artist coincides with her active involvement and interest in music. It is perhaps unsurprising then that her work evokes a musical quality, as illustrated in Spoken Yeahs From A Distance in which the mixture of colours elicit a multitude of voices, beautifully woven together. 

At certain points, making paintings does get overcomplicated and problematic, but at other times it feels completely natural as well and all that uncertainty is built into the work.’ – Victoria Morton

Image via sadiecoles.com

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