Casa de Cambio: Sol Calero

Casa de cambio, 2016

Sol Calero (b. 1982) is a Venezuelan artist who creates tropical paintings and immersive installations that often challenge the traditional look and feel of a gallery space.

In Casa de cambio (the currency exchange office) what at first looks like a fun, carefree space, in fact seeks to highlight the economic collapse and political crisis facing Venezuela. Against a backdrop of colourful paintings, travel posters, and upholstered furniture, a monitor displays video works by other Venezuelan and Latin American which respond to the causes and effects of hyperinflation.

Sol Calero attempts to challenge our pre-conceived ideas about what art is and what it represents, in turn creating often paradoxical work that reveals deeply political and social concepts.

My work is often research-driven and based on a political situation. There is always something else behind the beautiful place. But I’m happy to create spaces that feel welcoming to people. I don’t think that to bring political issues or more complicated concepts to an artwork it necessarily has to be really harsh or direct to get to the audience.‘ – Sol Calero

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