Mutual Periphery: Carla Filipe

Mutual Periphery, 2016

Carla Filipe (b. 1973) is a Portuguese artist who combines drawing, writing and mixed media techniques to explore the relationship between art, popular culture and political activism.

Filipe’s work is deeply rooted in the research of a broad range of materials, such as flags, posters and newspapers. Yet her body of work is varied, ranging from Indian ink drawings to direct interventions in abandoned or decayed public spaces.

Mutual Periphery was developed in response to Filipe’s involvement in the nightlife of Porto’s electronic music scene over a two-year period. Forming part of a larger body of work, it expresses the need for everyone to play an active role in the creation of culture, particularly in places where rules and social codes are in constant flux.

I aways try to change my work to avoid falling into my comfort zone . Every project that I do is almost a new place‘ – Carla Filipe

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