Running Firecracker: Haegue Yang

Running Firecracker, 2016

Haegue Yang (b. 1971) is a South Korean installation and performative sculpture artist who lives and works in Berlin and Seoul.

By combining industrial and folk craftsmanship with sensory experiences of sound, light and tactility, Yang explores the power of materials to shape and create new spaces and narratives.

Running Firecracker belongs to Yang’s sculpture series, The Intermediates, which employs traditional arts and crafts techniques with modern production methods. Yang made the conscious decision to use artificial straw in her work, enabling her to step away from ancient traditions. The result is a sculptural piece that alludes to folklore but challenges any preconceived notions of folk art or paganism.

The project is not about expressing traditional craftsmanship, but to take a step out of it, to become alien to or a hybrid of it. In a sense, for me, they rather associate with rituals and exotic forms than the familiar.’ – Haegue Yang

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