Obsidian Ladder: Donna Huanca

Obsidian Ladder, 2019

Donna Huanca (b. 1980) is an American-Bolivian artist whose work combines painting, sculpture, sound, scent, and live performance.

Obsidian Ladder is an immersive installation in which Huanca deconstructs gender dynamics and invites us into a world where women are no longer objectified. Painted, semi-nude females move freely against a backdrop of vibrant wall panels, steel sculptures, sand, and soundscapes, in turn presenting an alternative to the male gaze.

My work has always been a poetic gesture commenting on societal imbalances and injustices. As I have had more opportunities to exhibit publicly, in different contexts globally, my work has evolved to directly confront patriarchal realities, power dynamics, and hierarchies of contemporary life.’ – Donna Huanca.

Image via marcianoartfoundation.org