Ma Vie en Rose: Billie Zangewa

Ma vie en rose, 2015

Billie Zangewa (b. 1973) is a Malawian artist who creates intricate tapestries which explore the female experience through scenes of everyday life.

Working predominantly with silk, Zangewa begins each tapestry by sketching an image and then layering and hand-stitching pieces of fabric together to create the final piece. Each work is left with frayed edges and empty areas to enable the viewer to complete, and therefore be involved in, the narrative.

In Ma Vie en Rose, Zangewa celebrates her identity as a mother through a scene that is both personal, yet universally relatable.

I feel that we are isolated from each other, going through triumphs and struggles alone and in my work, I look to find that connection for myself by sharing experiences that we’ve all potentially had and can relate to. I also think there is something beautiful and poetic in the ordinary everyday and I enjoy exploring that.‘ – Billie Zangewa

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