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Nigel Peake

The illustrator and architect, Nigel Peake, creates bright and often quirky drawings of urban and rural landscapes which provide a refreshed view of the world around us.  You will never go about your daily routines in quite the same way.

I feel like I have always drawn. Some of my earliest memories are associated with painting and the things that surround it, the plastic containers that held the primary colours and the smell from the cheap paint. When I was growing up I did not really think in terms of design or illustration I just had a wish to draw all the time. And that is still true now, I type this surrounded my paints, pens and paper… so maybe not much has changed. Drawing for me, is essentially a way of thinking through a thought or an idea, to document and try to understand what is around me.”
Interview with Nigel Peake in The Casual Optimist.

Fritz Kahn: a pioneer of information graphics

Dr. Fritz Kahn (1888 – 1968) was a scientist, author and gynecologist at the forefront of early information graphics.  He is perhaps best known for his wall poster, “Der Mensch als Industriepalast” / “Man as Industrial Palace”, a witty but purposeful diagram of the human body in which man is turned into a complex mechanical structure with cogs, fans, pumps and a dedicated team of miniature workers. When this poster was created in the 1920s, manufacturing industries were undergoing significant technical and industrial changes. With improved electrical power transmission, the rise of the production assembly line and better product distribution, the Roaring Twenties turned factory workers into “a cog in the machine” themselves.

To see “Der Mensch als Industriepalast” come to life, click here.

By embracing modern technology, Dr. Kahn displayed a fantastic ability to depict elements of the human body in a unique and interesting way.