Undefined Scrolls: Aïcha Snoussi

Undefined Scrolls, 2018

Aïcha Snoussi (b. 1989) is an artist who creates elaborate ink drawings which address the intricacies of self-discovery and the world around us.

Snoussi’s passion for drawing began at a young age, but she was also fascinated by collecting a random assortment of found objects and reinventing them into something entirely different. Today, Snoussi combines these interests to develop work that enables her to inspect and dismantle the prejudices and internal conflicts she faced during her upbringing in Tunisia.

Alternating between notebooks, scraps of paper and even blank walls as her canvas, Snoussi produces exquisitely detailed drawings which provide an insight into the inner workings of her mind.

I like the idea of being an archaeologist, finding something and trying to make something with it. This concept is not just about what you find on the street, but also inside yourself‘ – Aïcha Snoussi

Image via loveartexhibitions.com

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