Daniel Arsham

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Daniel Arsham is a multi-disciplinary contemporary artist who alternates between design, film, sculpture and photography.

The above image highlights Arsham’s  signature concept of ‘fictional archaeology’ which sees devices such as boom boxes or cameras decayed with geological material, creating an eery and somewhat alien impression.

His newest venture is Film the Future, a production company which produces immersive short films and advertisements for the likes of Usher and Calvin Klein.  The fourth instalment of his Future Relic short film can be seen here.




Lulu Kitololo

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I have been meaning to write a little blog post on Lulu Kitololo ever since I bought some of her brightly designed stationery during the Southbank Centre’s Africa Utopia festival. Taking the continent of Africa as her muse (in her own words) she creates beautifully textured and vibrant prints, clothing, stationery and more… More of her work can be seen and bought here.

I have surrendered to what’s in my heart – making art!’